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Hello Detroit

Ok, I’m here—the husband and cat in tow—all the way from England. You see, I hear your population has been declining and I’ve been pining to move back to Detroit. Did you hear that Mr. Census Man? Add two more to the state of Michigan.

I want to devour Detroit, eat it all up, every last bit of chili sliding off my coney dog. So, that’s my job now, to experience Detroit and the metro area. Heck, it’s my only job right now. So, with most people fleeing the state of Michigan, my husband and I are the two that moved here.

Renaissance Center from People Mover Station

Nice to see you again.

I’m challenging myself to explore Detroit, the metro area, and elsewhere. Did you ever not know where to go, what to do? Maybe you just we’re looking for something different or somewhere to waste some time? Well, I’m going to jump in feet first and explore as much as I can and share that with you.

I hope to bring a different perspective of Detroit, a grateful, positive one. As everyone knows, Detroit and Michigan are going through some rough times and people across the country and the world are bashing the place we call home. Detroit and the metro area have an abundance of good things to offer, you just don’t hear about it much. Well, I’m going to talk about it, document it, and show it to the world. The new and the old, the obvious and the unique, will all be explored. What is old hat to you is probably a new experience for me, and vice versa.

I'm excited to learn more about the city, the citizens, and myself. And, I hope you get to know me too. I value and encourage your input.

Thank you for having me.


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